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A Thanksgiving Prayer For all Blessings In Our Lives

A Thanksgiving Prayer For all Blessings In Our Lives This Year

Thanks, God

Thank You, Lord, for all blessings in my life this year. For all the sunny, tough, and dark days. For peace in my heart and my life. Thanks for the days of health and illness, for the days of sadness and joy during the year. Thanks for all the things you gave me, I promised and took her again.

Thank You, Lord, for the smile of the friend, for the hand that helped me, for the love I loved and for the amazing things in my life.

Thanks for roses, stars, children, and for the spirit of love. Thanks for the unity, in order to work, for the difficulties and problems, for the sake of all the concerns you brought me more. Thank You for protecting my life, to provide shelter for me, for food and for necessities.

What awaits me this year? Which you desire, O Lord! I ask You to increase my faith so that I may see you in all my ways, hope and courage so that I will not give in, love for all the days to come, who have turned me for patience, humility, production, and to give me the heart.

Give me, O Lord, what is good for me, which I do not know how to ask you. Give me a heart that obeys, a listening ear, an open mind, a working hand to produce according to your will, and submission to your full will in my life. O Lord, pour out your blessings upon all who love them and bring peace to the hearts of all people and to my homeland … Amen.

A Thanksgiving Prayer For all Blessings In Our Lives
A Thanksgiving Prayer For all Blessings In Our Lives

O Lord Jesus Christ

If you allow us to enter this New Year, we thank You for giving us the age to which we have entered. We ask you, Lord, to make it a year of holiness, grace, joy, peace, and growth in our personal; family and ecclesiastical life.

Heal us, O Lord, from every weakness and sickness, free us from all bondage, holiness from all sin, fill our lives with all divine help and sincere grace and give us the true satiety of you, O Lord, for You, O Lord, have given us true change, true repentance, In fact, the living bread, do not allow the Lord to go back to the pigsty, but let us be filled with the bread of life.  A Thanksgiving Prayer For all The Blessings In Our Lives 

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Do not allow, O Lord, to go to a distant country, even within the heart; as we have acquired within us false tendencies, incomplete love, and specific sins. Give us, in this New Year, a wholehearted return to your loving and compassionate person.

O Lord, if you treat us with your righteousness, we will find no grace for you, and we will have no salvation, but we will treat you with your mercy, Lord, as we shout to you every time and say, “Your mercy is Lord, not as our sins.”


Bless your work in the church

O Lord, give special aid to us, let us feel you and you bless the work and sanctify the entity. And bear fruit in life and make the service thrive up to every house and to every soul and all corners of life. May God grant us to be holy to you and to be the temple of your Holy Spirit and your Spirit dwells in us.

Do not treat us according to our shortcomings this year, but we are working on the covenants we want to give you… But we supported so that we can implement it because without you we can not do anything. With every blessing, we blessed and sanctified and fulfilled your peace. 

Make the New Year a year of peace for the Church and peace for our country and peace in the whole world. You, O Lord, the King of Peace, the Head of Peace. May the Lord make this New Year a free year, keep your birth inside your heart and inside your house. May God bless you with the intercession of our Virgin and all the saints. AmenA Thanksgiving Prayer For all The Blessings In Our Lives This Year

A Thanksgiving Prayer For all Blessings In Our Lives


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