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Thank You Lord With All My Heart – You Give Me Strength

Thank You Lord With All My Heart – You Give Me Strength & peace

I thank You, Lord, with all my heart, for You Bring back strength to me and given me peace. Lord Jesus, Thank You, Thank You with all My heart. Because when all the doors close in my face and narrow the life and my mind is unable to think I find you my refuge lifting my head and my savior.


Thank You, God!

Because you gave me all the safety and did not condemn me to my evil actions like the wrong woman. And the words of your mouth heal my broken heart because of the sin of sin, like the boy of the centurion. Freed me from the trap of misconceptions and opened the way for me to know the truth like Nicodemus.

And taught us to be children not in our minds but in evil because it is such a kingdom of heaven. Thank you, because my soul has been very relieved by these touches, doctor.

Thank You Lord With All My Heart - You Give Me Strength
Thank You Lord With All My Heart – You Give Me Strength

Because when I put in the sailor of sin even if it lasts for many years. You come to heal my body and restore my strength and purity. My Jesus gives me a body like a patient house of envy. And when sin blurs my eyesight, my eyes rush to me and create new material eyes for me like a blind child. and a spiritual heart to touch your work inside me and glorify your name.


O, Lord!

When my body stares in the road and shows the symptoms of fatigue from the lack of food. And pray to satisfy every hungry soul, and tell every soul of thirst, for you are the true bread and the living fountain that is inexhaustible.

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For what after the touch of love my soul, and the bread of my body saturation? Yes, I will continue to need my neighbor because all these needs are grounded. But your words, in which all the fullness will not pass away forever.

O Lord, You are the good shepherd who left the ninety-nine to go in search of the lost sheep. And you who went to the Samaritans to teach you are the living fountain, who drinks from you will not thirst forever.

And you, who taught us the seriousness of the condemnation, do not condemn anyone even if we saw him in the same act. Oh God, you taught us how to behave in the greatest commandments… and that is love.

Yes, my God, you said: If you love those who love you, what reward you. I love you, O my God, who is loving for these lofty teachings. Make me, Lord, not only obeying the commandment but a reader who works for it so that the love can live in its depth. Amen

Thank You Lord With All My Heart – You Give Me Strength & peace


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