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Modern Li-Fi Technology Has Surpassed Wi-Fi Hundreds Times

Modern Li-Fi Technology Has Surpassed Wi-Fi Hundreds Times

The latest discovery by scientists is a new way to connect the Internet using a video medium; not by radio waves in the usual wireless connection. According to experts, modern Li-Fi technology has overtaken Wi-Fi hundreds of times. Follow us to discover this technique!

With this technology, the Internet is connected at a very high speed than the conventional Wi-Fi technology hundreds of times, and scientists say that the speed of the ‘Li-Fi’ to one gigabyte per second.

The ‘Wi-Fi’ requires a source of lightings, such as ordinary lamps, and the way to connect to the Internet, and a detector of images. The technology has tested many companies, according to them. Experience has shown the success of the connection by a light bulb, at a speed of one gigabyte per second.

Modern Li-Fi Technology Has Surpassed Wi-Fi Hundreds Times
Modern Li-Fi Technology Has Surpassed Wi-Fi Hundreds Times

Li-Fi Technology

The practical tests have theoretically demonstrated the speed of access to about 220 gigabits per second, they said; The tests were conducted in a number of offices so that staff could have access to the Internet; It has also been conducted in several industrial zones, where there are modern techniques for smart lighting.

‘The new technology will be put on the market for use over several years,’ he said, adding that he would be subject to many tests and tests. Professor Harald Haas of the University of Edinburgh was the first to use the term ‘Li-Fi’

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As he explained the new technology at the Technology, Entertainment and Design Conference ‘Ted’ in 2011; The video that showed a video was uploaded by a light bulb; YouTube has more than 2 million views. Professor Haas noted that millions of light bulbs could be used in the future as alternative units for wireless Internet use.

The advantage of modern Li-Fi technology is that it does not interfere with different signals and oscillations; This enables the user to use them in airplanes and many places that interfere with Wi-Fi and wireless waves; The radio waves are relatively short while the optical range is tens of thousands of times higher, and this increases longevity.

Some disadvantages of this modern technology because it is light cannot be used in the open air where the sun’s rays are incompatible with it; The ‘Li-Fi’ waves cannot penetrate the walls, which limits their use because they will be in specific places as an assistant to Wi-Fi networks, such as crowded areas, or places where Wi-Fi usage is dangerous. Where there are medical devices or other wireless technologies that conflict with it.
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Modern Li-Fi Technology Has Surpassed Wi-Fi Hundreds Times


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